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Get Prepared For Christmas! – Cleveland Cleaning

Now it’s December and Christmas is nearly upon us, you can start preparing your home for the festivities to come. Here are our their best tips on how you can make your house ready for this special time of the year, so you can celebrate and relax with your friends and family in a house fit for Christmas.

Three weeks to go

There is so much to watch on TV on at the minute, never mind our favourite Christmas films. To get your living room feeling Christmassy, you obviously need a tree. Before popping the tree up and decorating it with the family, get the vacuum out and have a big clean of the floors, the corners and dust off those all-important decorations. Once your living room is decorated, light some winter candles, settle down and get cosy with your favourite Christmas film to watch with your family.

Two weeks to go

With all the food that will be piling up in your kitchen, you’ll probably want a clear out of your fridge, freezer and cupboards, after all, that turkey has to fit somewhere! Take everything out of the cupboards and give them a wipe down. Do the same with your fridge and freezer and think of ways you can use up any food that won’t fit before Christmas.

One week to go

If you’re having guests over for Christmas, now is a good time to make sure their stay is a comfortable and relaxing one. Check the spare room is ready for their arrival by making sure they have clean bedding and fresh towels for their stay.
Cleaning your oven may sound like a scary chore but with guests likely to be checking on dinner in your kitchen, you’ll want it to be shining.

Christmas eve

Make sure your bathroom is sparkling by cleaning the shower and sink and of course the toilet. Have a quick vacuum round and quickly go around the house with a duster. To save time before Christmas dinner, set the table the night before so there’s one less thing to worry about!
Now relax with a well-earned festive tipple!

How to Make Christmas less stressful

Do it, Ditch it or Delegate it

Get everyone to help out. This goes for the cooking, laying the table, clearing up, wrapping presents, looking after mischievous pets and keeping the house tidy enough (not perfect, because no one’s is!). It’s never too late to stop and list everything you need to do so you can have some time over Christmas to chat to Grandma, play with the kids or have a laugh with friends.

Up the energy levels

Parents can easily run out of steam with late nights, too much food, and entertaining the kids who are up from 5am. In the run up to Christmas get regular fresh air, walk the dog if you have one, drink plenty of water and insist on everyone getting out and about to relieve boredom, arguments and cabin fever.

De-clutter with the kids

Christmas can be a time of far too much of everything! Presents, food, spending money and can even be an overdose of family and friends! And the extra chores, of course. So, encourage the children to clear up and clean out their toy boxes, make a donation to charity and think about others who might have less at this time of year.

Share the load

Many of us have family abroad, making it hard to see them over the Christmas period. When you spend Christmas with your partner or friends, it’s important to spread the work out between the group over a few days in the lead up to Christmas day. Why not have a working bee – with festive songs, good food and even better company!

Be a big kid not a humbug!

It’s a time of great excitement for children and it should be for adults too. Whether you are a young couple spending Christmas together or welcoming the family home for the holidays we want everyone to look back on Christmases spent together with affection. Don’t be a slave to housework and worry about having a magazine perfect home, so you can make more of the moments that matter.


Christmas can be tricky sometimes. Try and keep some blank hours in the diary for being spontaneous to just enjoy your spending time with your family, partner or friends. Have fun, manage the mess but don’t go overboard, and treat yourself to some very well-deserved time off too.